Re: Jaws with Window's 7

  • From: GlenJan <glenjan42@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 Mar 2010 10:03:50 +1100

I'm another one who has no plans to downgrade from Windows XP any time soon.
BTW, you can buy genuine versions of XP on ebay easy enough.

On 4-Mar-2010 09:59, Gerald Levy wrote:
Microsoft intends to continue support for XP Sp3 through 2014. But millions of users will probably keep using it well beyond then. As long as it still meets your needs, there's absolutely no reason to upgrade to Windows 7. All these people who rush out to buy a new computer every time MS releases a new version of Windows must have money to burn. I don't. As long as my XP system keeps running and does what I need it to do, I plan to hold on to it as long as I can.

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    *From:* Dorothy Ingram-Gorban
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      I am wondering how long xp willbe supported,and by Jjaws,it is
    not just Microsoft but the makers of screen reading software that
    may not support older versions, are many of you using windows 98?
    I had a friend who refused to give it up then could not run his
    business any more dorothy

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    Oh, my god thank you so much! I'll contact you then.

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        Yes, I sure do. I just had two systems built with XP. My
        computer tech had the foresight to purchase quite a number of
        XP licences before they went out of production. Contact me off
        list and I can provide the computer geek's information. He
        provides the computer with XP installed together with original
        XP disks and licence and registration.


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            *From:* Samara Raine <mailto:samararaine@xxxxxxxxx>

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            *Subject:* Jaws with Window's 7

            Hey guys. I want to get a new computer, but apparently
            windows XP isn't sold anymore. Does jaws work with windows
            7, because windows vista? I tried that on my mom's
            computer and jaws just...ugh. Security windows popping up
            everywhere, jaws wasn't reading properly... Does anyone
            know if windows 7 works with jaws, and if not, do you know
            of anywhere that will sell XP or add XP if I have a
            computer custom made / build up from scratch, etc?

            Thanks so much.

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