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  • Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 16:04:21 -0400

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But that's me, and I'm really not skilled with this 
stuff. What about you?
How come you wouldn't just switch to WMP 11 in order 
to learn  more skills
using this guide? Because you've heard it's awful, or 
because you have some
kinds of settings that involved a lot of time and 
labor to make, and they
won't transfer to the upgrade? Or..?

Good questions and I'm certainly very interested on 
the topic.  I upgraded several months  previously and 
found the new version scrambled  my Library and was 
generally harder for me to use.  I didn't invest a lot 
of time because the upgrade was actually an 
inadvertent  upgrade which after a limitted amount of 
exploration was one I rolled back.  There are several 
things I'd like to add to my abilities with WMP 10 but 
having not seen anything sufficiently enticing about 
WMP 11 I stayed with the comfort and function I had 
with WMP 10.

Now I've toured the guide in a very limitted fashion 
and while I find it has promise I want to study it a 
bit further before I decide whether or not I might 
upgrade again.  Presently what I most want is enhanced 
library manipulation skills for my reasonably large 
collection of CDs now entirely stored on the computer.

& the Mighty Quinn of GEB and PBB fame

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