RE: Jaws freezing

  • From: Adrian Spratt <Adrian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:54:20 -0400

I am also using JAWS 11 with XP, and I've found that JAWS increasingly has
problems managing IE8. I don't know about you, but I'm often working with
several webpages at once. I've learned to close pages I'm not currently
using with control-F4, especially if the page is data-heavy. One objective
validation for this method is that I start noticing problems when my PC
starts making a lot of noise. Close down a few windows, and the noise
dissipates. When I'm not using IE, I close it down completely. 
On my system, the two biggest sources of apparent memory leaks are JAWS and
Outlook 2003. I find that closing down these two applications periodically
also helps performance with IE.
If you have room for more RAM, you might consider adding it. I have 3GB on


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Subject: Jaws freezing

Hi I'm using Jaws 11 with windows XP.  I'm having problems with Jaws on the
internet.  When I'm on a webpage and am using my up or down arrow keys to
move fast up and down a page for example, Jaws will suddenly stop talking,
and won't re-start, not even when I go into the Jaws folder and sellect from
there or use a short cut key.  It's happened a number of times today, and
the only way round it is if I re-boot my laptop, which I know isn't good for
my hard drive.  I'm not sure what's caused this problem, but I have been
getting error messages from Microsoft asking me if I'd like to send an error
report, but it doesn't say what the error is or how I fix it.  Could the
problem be net-based or something?  Any advice would be wellcome.  Thanks
from Lori Duncan.

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