RE: Jaws freezing

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  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 10:31:22 -0500

Mine is a home-built machine, but I've tried it also on Gateway systems, as
well as Dell, and I've gotten the same response.  Sound card wise, it's been
everything from the built-in sound cards on the Gateway and Dell machines,
to Creative X-FI Elite Pro to even my good recording card the Digital Audio
Lab Card Deluxe.  All of the above mentioned systems have 2GB. of memory,
and some have built-in video, and others are using separate video cards.
All of them are using Windows XP, and they've all got different bios.  The
only thing that I've kind of stumbled upon is that it seems to not happen as
often using JFW 12, and that if I leave JFW set to its default speaking
rate, then it doesn't seem to happen at all.


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hmmm, since both 11 and 12 are doing this, there might be another answer.  
what kind of computer is it, and what sound card is it using? 
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Looks as though you should contact FS Tech support and describe this problem
to them.  You Can do this either by phone or at their web page.

From: Brian Hansen <mailto:BC.Hansen23@xxxxxxxxx>  
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Subject: RE: Jaws freezing

Both JFW 11 & 12 are doing the same things on my desktop.  When I had my
wife look at the screen, everything works just fine visually, but JFW some
how locked up the sound card that it's using.  The only way to get things
back to normal is to power down and restart.  I've even tried it on other
computers and other sound cards and I'm still getting the same results.


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Subject: Jaws freezing

Hi I'm using Jaws 11 with windows XP.  I'm having problems with Jaws on the
internet.  When I'm on a webpage and am using my up or down arrow keys to
move fast up and down a page for example, Jaws will suddenly stop talking,
and won't re-start, not even when I go into the Jaws folder and sellect from
there or use a short cut key.  It's happened a number of times today, and
the only way round it is if I re-boot my laptop, which I know isn't good for
my hard drive.  I'm not sure what's caused this problem, but I have been
getting error messages from Microsoft asking me if I'd like to send an error
report, but it doesn't say what the error is or how I fix it.  Could the
problem be net-based or something?  Any advice would be wellcome.  Thanks
from Lori Duncan.

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