Re: Jaws and windows xp multimedia 2005

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  • Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 23:52:31 -0500

Hi Norma. What else did you find out on Jaws and MC.
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  Hi Jeanette,

  Sorry for the delay in responding as I was out of town for a few 
  days.  Regarding the Windows Media Center, I honestly haven't had a 
  great deal of time to use it because we just got it a few weeks 
  ago.  So far, I can tell you that all the normal Windows functions 
  and applications work with Jaws 7 Pro, as one would 
  expect.  Additionally, there is a feature where one can bring up a 
  list of TV programs and what channel and network they are on, and 
  this is all able to be read with Jaws, which is very cool, IMHO.  I 
  will put the MC and Jaws through their paces in the next couple days 
  and I will post my findings here.


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