Re: Jaws and Spybot.

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  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 09:59:59 -0600

spy bot works with jaws quite nicely as a matter of a fact
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  Can Spybot be used with Jaws? 

  I have spyware on my computer and RoadRunner is telling me in order to get 
this spyware off the computer, I need Spybot.

  I can't use my office computer. Every time I go to a website, Altavista, 
comes up. Whether I type in the URl or use my favorites , I always end up at 
Altavista. RoadRunner says this is the behavior of spyware.

  I've already down loaded Spybot but I haven't installed it yet. I want to 
know if we can use it.



  I for got to tell you, I've already ran addaware several time. Infact, until 
there was know more spyware. Thats why RoadRunner says Spybot is what I need. 
The Tech there says, he Runs both programs, they do wonders together.  

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