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The Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind has an excellent support center which 
deals with issues just like yours.  I've seen postings from a Ray Campbell who 
seems very knowledgeable.  I don't know his exact email address, but you could 
start with

As an aside, I've never heard of SQL spreadsheets.  You might want to 
double-check that one.

Steve Parker

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  I received a call from a gentleman who was recently blinded.  He's going to 
begin Jaws 10 training soon when his software arrives.  He will need to learn 
Jaws commands for Word and Excel.  No problem with those programs but he 
mentioned he also needs to use SQL spreadsheets.  How does Jaws work with SQL?  
Are there command lists for it out there somewhere?  


  He also mentions he'll need to use a VPN to work on the company network from 
home and will also use a program called Dashboard.  I'm not sure what Dashboard 
is but I'll know more when I see him in a couple of weeks.  I have used a VPN 
with Jaws before and it worked okay but of course we won't know about this one 
until we try, I suppose. If anyone has suggestions of where to go for 
assistance, I'd really appreciate hearing about it!






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