Re: Jaws and Quicken!!

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You might consider a program called MoneyTalks, created and sold by the 
American Printing House for the Blind.  It's a good, basic, Jaws-friendly 
program which might be very helpful to you.

Steve Parker
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  Hi listers,


              I'm using Jaws 10.0.1154 on an XP pro machine.  I was wondering 
if anyone out there uses a money management program in order to keep track of 
their expenses.  Is the latest version of Quicken accessible with Jaws?  If it 
is could you tell me how it worked out for you and if you found it to be Jaws 
friendly.  The reason why I'm asking is because I'm looking into purchasing 
such  a program to keep better track of my expenses.  I would also like to use 
this type of program to reconcile my transactions.  If someone has used such a 
program, could you tell me how it worked for you and if you had problems with 
it being Jaws friendly.


              I look forward to any information that you may provide.  Thank 
you in advance.




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