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Along the same lines as what Bill said, I have a very old mailing list in a .wdb file, with different columns for name, address, city, etc. When navigating by using the right arrow to scan different cells along a row Jaws sometimes stopped giving me speech. I was about to totally give up until one day by accident I found that if I go to the cell directly above the cell that Jaws isn't reading, and then down arrow into it (or go to the cell directly below it, and up arrow into it), Jaws does read the cell it couldn't read before. However, approaching the cell from the left or right doesn't help.

Doing the back and forth "dance" is I guess a good general Jaws survival tip for many situations where you're not getting speech output.


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I've found that using Jaws 11 with Worx is manageable,if inconsistent. It will read large swaths of text when you arrow down through them and then just blank out. If you put the cursor where Jaws has stopped echoing, backspace and then arrow right again, Jaws will read some more but it's not certain how much. Sometimes it will then function for a long time, and sometimes you have to do the backspace dance over and over again in the course of a single paragraph.

I'm doing some work at my mother's, whose copy of Word 2007 is corrupted, so I'm having to use Worx. It's better than being dead in the water and if nothing else you can save the worx document --as an RTF or whatever else is available under Worx-- then copy and paste into a doc file when you have access to Word.


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Hi all,

How well does MS Works work with Jaws?

I know it's not very accessible, but is it managable?

If I save it as a RTF document, can it be opened as a Word document?


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