RE: Jaws and Adobe Reader

  • From: "Cy Selfridge" <cyselfridge@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 06:07:44 -0600

Stupid JAWS?

Man, can I relate to these feelings. (LOL)

I use JAWS 10 for internet business and JAWS 9 for off line work.

JAWS 10 and the new Winders dead Messanger will result in someone rolling
over and throwing their little feet up in the air with their tongue hanging
out to the side.

I do have a question about this, did they fix JAWS 10 so this is no longer a
problem or is it going to be "fixed" in JAWS 11?

I am still using the original JAWS 10.

Perhaps by the time JAWS 12 comes out then we will be in good shape?

Cy, The Anasazi



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Hi, I'm trying to download some forms from the America's Got Talent site,
and I know there are things written on the forms, because it'll say
"processing page 9 of whatever", but when it's done, stupid jaws just keeps
saying "alert, empty document." I know the damn thing isn't empty and I need
these forms. Any ideas?


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