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  • From: "Katrina Anderson" <kanderson@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 07:00:42 -0500

 Just to be clear, my comment that the process is incredibly easy only
refers to my being amazed that FS has made the activation process so
easy__even for me.  (smile) Just didn't want anybody to misunderstand my
comment as it is easy to do when dealing with E-mail.  (smile)

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Subject: RE: Jaws Pro

Hi Marsha,
I ordered JFW Pro via phone with a credit card, and in a day or two was able
to activate it via the Internet.  If you used a credit card, you should use
the option to update authorization, under the help menu in JAWS.  Select
options to activate, and then click on the option to use the Internet.  If
the purchase was processed, your JAWS will be upgraded to the pro version.
It is incredibly simple.  If your credit card purchase has not been
processed (there is a 24-48 hour period to do this), I believe you will
receive an error message.
Hope this helps,


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Subject: Jaws Pro

   At the beginning of last week, I called JFW to upgrade to Jaws pro.  I
have not received the CD, yet.  The computer is here.  Can I download Jaws 7
pro?  Thanks for any help
Marsha Anderson 

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