Re: Jaws 9 still unstable (Eric).

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  is Windows Mails synonymous with OE on XP?


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    Hi, anyone noticing odd behaviour when using JAWS 9 beta and Windows Mail? 
I think it's where a word starts with a comma after the word that the behaviour 
starts. JAWS appears to pause, if not stop altogether, during a say all, and I 
have to perform a say all again to read the message again. (Sorry, what I meant 
by say all is that when JAWS begins to automatically read the message.) I may 
file this to the bug report team if no one else has. Thanks in advance.
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      I haven't noticed any instabilities in the beta so far here and all 
issues reported so far have been minor.  Overall it's much better than 8.0 was 
for me.


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        Not having this problem but would certainly say that the jaws 9 beta 
has becfome more unstable over time, not better.

        I've tried deleting my settings and still not much better.

        Worked like a dream when first beta came out.


        From: graham smith 
        Sent: Friday, November 09, 2007 6:30 PM
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        Subject: Jaws 9 still unstable (Eric).


        I have mentioned this before and latest updates to 9 are still not 
curing it.

        The cursor seems to be bouncing on links and a lot of repeating going 

        Using a placemarker to keep jumping back to the same required link, 
Jaws will repeat other text on the page before settling on the place marked 
link.  There is a hot key for this desired link of Alt T, when I use this 
instead of the place marker all seems to work well, only found this out 
yesterday.  Hopefully that will give them a clue.

        I have reported this to FS on earlier versions of 9.

        Using IE7 and XP Pro

        Interested to know if anyone else is experiencing this.  I appreciate 
that this site I am on is not required for making my living but it is very 
annoying and Jaws 8 did not have this problem.


    Chris Hallsworth
    BrailleNote mPower User

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