Re: Jaws 9 And Outlook Express

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 10:11:21 -0600

Under view, alt-v, is the status bar checked? At 08:35 AM 2/23/2008, you wrote:


This has happened to me on occasion. Somehow it seems related to sizing of the window and/or display settings.

The simplest solution I've found is to quit OE, quit JAWS, reload JAWS, then reload OE.

Failing that, I reboot to make sure all my display settings are back to usual.


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Andy, from what you've said so far, this sounds like it might be a focus issue with Jaws 9. I'm still using version 7.1 at home, so I can't verify anything for myself at this point. I'd suggest checking to make sure you're in the correct window. You can do this with an insert-f10. This is the Jaws task list. A list of open tasks or windows will come up, probably desktop and Outlook Express. Hit enter on OUtlook Express, and if you weren't in the correct window before, you will be now. I don't know that this will be much help, but give it a try and see what happens.

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I'm using Jaws 9. Before, when I wood go through my list of folders, Jaws wood tell me how many unread messages there were in each folder. I don't know what happened, but about a week ago Jaws stopped telling me how many unread messages there are when I go down through the list of folders. When I press tab to go in to the folder, such as the Blindtech folder, Jaws tells me how many unread messages there are. But, Jaws is counting the collapsed messages. So, if there are 50 messages Jaws may say that there are 25 or 30 or how many ever because people respond to them. Is there a way that I can get Jaws to tell me how many messages there are total when I go down through the list of folders?

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