Jaws 8 interrupting email reading/writing with AVG email scan announcements

  • From: "Yardbird" <yardbird@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "JFW List" <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 12:03:46 -0800

Here's another interesting thing Jaws 8 is doing that's never before 
happened to me. as I was composing and spell checking an email a moment ago, 
I kept being interrupted, and the Jaws focus kept being dislodged, by an 
announcement that, I suppose, AVG was running some sort of email scan. I can 
only imagine it was telling me that some new messages were coming into my 
Inbox and it was scanning those for my protection. But wherever on the 
screen those messages would actually be appearing if I could see them (it's 
hard to believe they're printing themselves right into my email message, of 
course), Jaws never before spoke them at all, which was okay with me, if 
this is the stupid alternative.
I have to confess that while this was happening, I was so disconcerted that 
I can't remember now whether when it happened I was writing or spell 
checking with the message window maximized or not. Jaws 8 is a little 
eccentric about this for me, and I'm just learning when it's actually 
necessary to maximize the window and when things will work okay without 
bothering to do that. But it could make some sort of difference in terms of 
Jaws having its focus pulled away . I mean, if I'm in the reduced-size 
message window, and something comes up elsewhere on the screen, I suppose it 
might pull the Jaws focus away. But even then, I've never had it happen so 
that something simply intruded on what I was doing, as if the AVG message, 
in this case, was actually inserting itself in the message I was composing. 
I know that wasn't what was happening, of course, but I've never before had 
Jaws screw up by sort of sharing focus between where I was working and some 
other screen element.

Very strange. Any good ideas? Thanks.

P.S. It's not happening right now, while I'm writing this message,but I just 
pressed Insert down arrow to read the status line, and there's the AVG 
notice right alongside the new, overly informative stuff about how my POP 3 
server is downloading some mail. Jaws's focus in OE has gotten a little 
wild, this version. things like that come up on the status line and then 
won't go away, even though I perform other email tasks that should be 
displacing that information.But that's sort of an extension of this problem, 
I guess, unless it's a clue to something? Not keen enough to figure it out 
by myself. Foocus issues, I mean.
soto ou 

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