RE: Jaws 8 and 9 and updated windoes live messenger

  • From: "Jim L" <jimscave@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2009 15:45:50 +0800

Thru further playing around with this forced update today its awful/terrible
for Jaws 8 and 9 users as Vebocity doesn't work and even worse one cannot
even hear friends messages in chats, thats handy for a blind person isn't:(,
even alt1,2,3 etc doesn't work

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Heya folks,
Continuing from my previous post regarding the forced windows live upgrade
this morning the new version aint too bad so far with Jaws 8 and 9 though
haven't had a chat yet to test it out but I cannot now access the Jaws
verbosity option for windows live messenger using the insert v combination ,
where I can turn contact list name on/off, typing sound etc, what it does
pop up is the the adjust Jaws dialog box with general settings etc. Can
anyone know a way I can edit somewhere in a configuration file to pop back
up the actual jaws settings for windows live messenger?
Kind regards,

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