Re: Jaws 7 and IE

  • From: "Slade Sellers" <sladesell@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:05:14 -0500

No idea what happened but I downloaded jaws 7.1 and it stopped doing it.  
However, had to uninstall back to 7 because bear share wasn't working the same 
nor yahoo messenger.  Guess its a catch 22.   Still, so far so good with IE.  
Figure just a bug and somehow it got fixed.

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  From: Cher Bosch 
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  Usually when you can't go back it is because the last link opened a new 
window and you now have two windows open.  Have you tried to alt-tab to see if 
your previous page is open in another window?


  >>> tsantiago128@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/13/06 10:21 AM >>>

  Once you hit the alt-left arrow to go back, and you're still on the same 
page, just update the screen by hitting insert-escape, and you should be where 
you want to be. HTH.

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    From: Slade Sellers 
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    Subject: Jaws 7 and IE


    Please forgive me if this question has been answered 100 times.  In IE 
every now and then, very often to be honest, I'll be viewing a page and  do the 
key combination to go back and although the page goes back Jaws is stuck on the 
previous page.  Hope this makes sense, anyway can this problem be fixed?  I'm 
using Jaws 7.



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