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  • From: "Steve" <k8sp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 16:09:23 -0400

From Freedom Scientific Tech Support Bulletin Issued March, 2004:

If you are using a Windows 9x operating system, JAWS cannot read the contents
of combo boxes in Internet Explorer. If you enter forms mode on a combo box,
JAWS does not read any text when you navigate and your Braille display only
shows the item position and count. For example, you see, "1 of 3," instead
of "Sample Item 1 of 3."


To read combo boxes with Windows 9x operating systems, you must edit the text
of the configuration (.jcf) file for Internet Explorer. This can be done with
any text editor, such as Notepad, but should never be done using a word
processing program like Word because the format of the configuration file will
be changed, rendering the file unusable.

It is recommended that you create a backup of any configuration file that you
modify, in case you make an error while editing the file.

NOTE: These steps assume that you have installed JAWS in the default folder,

1. Press WINDOWS Key+R.
2. Type "notepad \JAWS50\Settings\ENU\Internet Explorer 5-6.jcf" and press
ENTER to open the file Internet Explorer 5-6.jcf in Notepad.
3. Press ALT+E then F; type "OSM" and press ENTER.
4. Press ESC to close the Find dialog box. Press END and then press ENTER to
create a blank line under the [OSM] section heading.
5. Type "IgnoreTransparentSpaces=1" exactly as shown.
6. Press ALT+F then S, to save your changes. Press ALT+F4 to quit Notepad.
7. Quit and then restart JAWS. When you start Internet Explorer, JAWS will
read combo boxes correctly.
Lansing, MI

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