RE: JFW11 fails to read message subjects in Outlook 2007

  • From: Alan Clendinen <alanclendinen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 19:32:11 -0500

"You know, this makes one wonder why one should continue to purchase
maintenance agreements so one can get newer versions which do not work."

I can understand this sentiment, but there is a big FS 'Gotcha' when you don't 
buy SMAs before a new JFW version is released. For example, here's what 
happened to me:

I had been using JFW 7 until this week, even though I had authorizations up to 
JFW version 9. Since I did not keep up to date with SMAs, I had to pay a 
whopping $400 to get the pro version of JFW 11! If this weren't bad enough, it 
will cost me another $200 for an SMA, and FS informed me that if I don't buy 
the SMA before December 31, the price goes up to $260.

At this rate, I could have bought another new laptop with all the extra $$$ FS 
is charging me for not keeping current with the SMAs. So if you want to put off 
payinhg for SMAs, you will be doing so at great peril to your wallet.


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