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  • From: BD <bram4@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: JFW List <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 09:48:41 -0600

I am considering purchasing a laptop and have a couple questions.

1. Having always used a desktop with num pad navigation, I'm concerned in=20
the usability of navigation keys with Jaws. Is there documentation=20
somewhere that explains the keys used for navigation using a laptop? I=20
looked around at the basic instruction files but didn't see references=

2. Unfamiliar with laptop components and not a techy person, I am=20
considering a Dell 8600 with the below specs, would this suffice to work=20
with Jaws? Does anyone use Jaws successfully with a Dell 8600? I would=20
rather an AMD processor which Dell doesn't offer but I have a newer Dell=20
Demension 8300 desktop and have had no issue at all with Jaws so leery of=20

* Processor: Intel=AE Pentium=AE M Processor 755(2GHz/400MHz FSB) 15.4 WUXGA
* Operating system: Microsoft XP Pro operating system
* Memory:  1GB DDR SDRAM 2 Dimms
* Hard Drive: 60GB Hard Drive at 7200RPM
* They didn't give option for a sound card so assume an integrated one...=20
which I am not sure I like. The 9200 series does use SB Audigy but much=20
more expensive notebook



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