Re: JFW and Athlon 64 Processor

  • From: Bill <>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 12:29:57 -0500

as far as the x p 64 processors are concern, consider this only the top of 
the line models offer any real benifit

those with one gig of cash, even out prform the competition from intell.

but they really cost big bucks.

the other 64 processors they offer are skimpier on cashe.

when the 64 bit version of windows is released the only aplications apt to 
move toward it will be games and data base applications.
its more gearred toward businesses.
later in say 3 years when both intel and a m d are 64 based then  all apts 
willmove toward it.

realize a software developer develops for what exist in the main streem 
market place.
they do so for a very good reason, they want to have plenty of sales so 
until the 64 bit o s becomes common  few apts will be available for it.

so my advice forget the 64 bit processor.

but considerring the A M D x p 32  plus 3000 with a front side 400mhz bus 
is almost as fast and cost only 105 dollars its a much better value.
105 with out the cooler.

it has 500 cashe.

be sure to get the 3000 with 400 front side bus for best performance.

a 3000 with 333 front side is also out their but its slower.

add the asus delux mother board and you get talking dos error messages, 
great combination.
cost 99 dollars and includes fire wire and u s b 2 and serial a t a.

be sure to use windows update driver component to upgrade the integrated 
sound, nicks, and serial a t a connections on that board.
i had to disable my anti virus to do this on my system.

just got mine put together yesterday.
it screems at a fraction of the cost and with most apts you will not be 
able to tellit from a 3.4 c p u based system.

you pay big dollars for the latest and greatest, and this c p u is a real 


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