JFW 8 & a Possible Memory Leak Problem

  • From: "Brian Hansen" <bc.hansen23@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 12:31:19 -0600

I forwarded my problems and findings to FS, and they can't seem to reproduce 
this.  So I'm hoping that one or more of you might be having some of the same 
symptoms as well.

I'm using the latest version of JFW 8, and when I keep repeating the same tasks 
over and over again, JFW seems to keep growing in memory.

For Example:
If I start my system from a cold start and have JFW load automatically where 
I'm at nothing but the desktop, and then hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE and look at my 
list of processes, JFW is using 15472K of memory.  How ever, if I exit out of 
the Task Manager and then go right back in without doing anything else, JFW is 
now using 15920K of memory.  If I repeat this a third time without doing 
anything else, JFW is now using 16192K of memory.  After a fourth time, JFW 8 
was reported to be using 16456K of memory.  Again, this is without running any 
other apps, or doing anything else with JFW.  During a day of normal use, I've 
found JFW to be taking up to as much as 60MB. of memory.

I'm also finding that if JFW is set to load on startup, then it usually wants 
to use a minimum of 2% of my processor resources, but if I launch JFW via my 
hot key, then it usually reports back 0% resources in use.

What got me looking into all of this, is that my system tends to want to become 
a bit more sluggish as the day goes on, and I usually have to reboot the system 
to correct this problem.  I didn't find JFW 7.1 put as much of a strain on my 
system as JFW 8 seems to do, and with a 3.4GHz. Pentium D Dual Core processor, 
and 2GB. of memory, I wouldn't expect a lot of sluggishness.  I know that if I 
shut down JFW, then the system is a lot more responsive.



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