JFW 12 and Windows 7, and more

  • From: "Rik James" <Ohio1803@xxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 17:23:27 -0700

Excuse the multiple questions in a single email....

I have installed JAWS 12, and updated it completely, on a new Dell XPS pc, 
that is running Windows 7 Home Premium.

First, this is my very worst mystery for which I am very painfully 
I am trying to learn about how to navigate around using Windows 7.

Quick basic question ---  Do you still use the ALT + TAB to switch programs 
in Windows 7?
It only seems to work sometimes. Sometimes it seems I have to go to Desktop, 
and then TAB to the Taskbar. Is this normal?

I am constantly interrupted by losing focus, no matter what program is 
running, with this "pin the program to the taskbar" thing.  Sometimes it is 
already pinned, sometimes it is not. It does not seem to matter which, when 
it launches, all Hell breaks lose as far as working.  No cursor will stay in 
an editing mode in a document, no web page will read, the focus just quickly 
goes there to this little pop up list of choices. It is located in the lower 
left corner, just over the start menu, I am told.

First, Is there a setting in Windows to disable this thing?
Or is this a corruption?
Or do I have a problem that anyone else has had routinely?

All I could think was that maybe the mouse or the keyboard is causing this, 
like to cause the thing to launch?

I have tried to read about it, but so far, have not been able to do much 
about it.  I cannot seem to figure out what type of keystrokes may launch 
it.  But once it is launched, it will NOT cease to change my focus until I 
just close everything and reboot.  My keyboard and mouse are a Microsoft 
Wireless 5000 keyboard and mouse pair which share the same USB transmitter.

Does  JAWS automatically change something which might be causing this?

Also, this pc came loaded with Internet Explorer 8.
There is a pop up asking about version 9.
Is ithat newer version working okay with JAWS?

I do also have a pop up that keeps happening in IE 8 each time it is 
launched saying that some other program changed my search default and wants 
me to restore the Bing search tool.
Does someone have an opinion or suggestion about what course to take when 
this occurs?

I have listened to some blind cool tech podcasts, I have read some things 
with the JAWS Help Topics.
Will my studying the JAWS training of Vista be useful to me?  I do not find 
a training option yet for Windows 7 from Freedom Scientific. Is there one?

I am sort of okay with what I have been able to learn so far. Certainly, it 
seems that since my old XP machines just finally died, I need to just move 
on to this new operating system. And they say it is more stable, yes?

But I miss how some of my programs used to just have a simple menu without 
all the virtual ribbon stuff. What used to be 2 or 3 keystrokes, now I have 
to go hither and yonder to do the old regular things, is how It feels.

For example in the Wordpad program. I used to routinely copy text from a web 
page and use PASTE SPECIAL from the Edit menu of Wordpad to paste 
UNFORMATTED TEXT into my Rich Text format Wordpad document.  I cannot find 
this anywhere in my new Windows 7 Wordpad.  Can anyone enlighten me?

If someone knows of a tutorial that explains this stuff, I am on the hunt to 
get more proficient. I had such a devil of a time with an unstable XP pc. 
And am hoping to have a several years of relative calm using my new pc with 
Windows 7.  Am I crazy to want to be optomistic?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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