JFW 12 Windows 7, and the persistent loss of cursor focus to "Unpin this program to Taskbar" menu

  • From: "Rik James" <Ohio1803@xxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 13:52:30 -0700

Thank you to those of you who have shared your experience and knowledge on JFW & Windows 7.

I reported earlier this week one issue which I would like to update you upon. And see if there is any other thoughts on the matter. Sorry if my post is long. But I am trying to put down what is happening as best I can relate it, in hopes it may jar any ideas to members on the list.

I am using the fully updated JAWS 12, with Windows Home Premium operating system on a Dell XPS Studio desktop pc.
I have a Microsoft 5000 wireless keyboard and mouse.

The problem is that of the incessant loss of cursor focus and taking it to a list called "Pin this program to the taskbar" or "Unpin" if that is the application's status.
I have had a couple of periods when it would stop, but not yet completely.

And may I say, when this is occurring, it is just repeatedly happening. All work is rendered to a standstill. Upon returning focus to my application in a microsecond, I am taken right back there, and without even one keystroke, or maybe one or two.

I have tried to leave the pin to taskbar menu by hitting ESCAPE, and then arrowing back to the application in the taskbar, and it just repeats this cycle over and over, until I just have to quit and reboot, or close everything.

Using ALT and TAB to switch to another program,
when in this state, is not responding at all. Only command I can use is WIN and ALT to go to Desktop.

I still cannot determine anywhere what the source of this is. Many tell me they have not had it occur. But some of you do report losing focus.
I do not yet know if it is related to JAWS or not.

I did test one time by having JAWS run in the System Tray. I felt like this might make a difference, as I had maybe 10 minutes before the problem started back up again. But soon enough it was apparent this had no effect on the issue, as it recurred just as stated above.

I made one change that seems to have helped.
And that was when I went into JAWS Basic Options and made changes in the Access Keys settings.

At first I changed it to Speak Menus only.
After making that change, I had about an hour when this problem did not occur. It was wonderful! Alt plus tab worked, the cursor focus remained, and I actually got a little work done.
I was so thrilled, this being the longest I had had with out the problem.

Then, sadly the nasty CAT came BACK!  With all its cursor fleeting glory.
This time I went back to JAWS Basic Options and I turned OFF the Access Keys completely.
I rebooted the machine.

This morning I updated Windows to all of the latest recommended updates.
And I have been able to work for about 2 hours. But I live in fear of its recurrence. I hope to be able to rely upon this machine for productivity.

This Dell machine has a tech support warranty from Staples. Do you think they might be able to help with it? Could it have been that one of the previously done updates to Windows had bug, which could be removed somehow?
Or might it be related to JAWS?
I really do not know how to proceed.


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