RE: JAWS6 scripts?

  • From: "Jim Grimsby" <jimgrims@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 06:51:37 -0700


jim's site is down.  
I will set some thing up to host these scripts if it does not come up
soon.  as far as the miranda scripts being out of date the scripts work
fine with the latest relece of miranda.  
if you have a problem and some thing does not work for you please
provide me a detailed report of the problem and I will see what I can do
to fix it for you.  
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Subject: Re: JAWS6 scripts?

Where is the best place to download the latest scripts for Miranda? I am
especially wondering if Jammin Jerry's scripts are out of date? Thanks.

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Subject: RE: JAWS6 scripts?

hi, anything scripted for jaws five will work with jaws six.  

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Subject: JAWS6 scripts?

I just received a new laptop and have JFW6.2 installed. I'm looking for
scripts that will work with various programs, such as Yahoo Messenger.
Thanks in advance!!!
Loreal Lavigna
Avon Independent Sales/E-Representative

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