Re: JAWS reading OE inbox

  • From: "Steve" <k8sp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 16:03:31 -0500


If Jack's suggestion doesn't solve the problem, then try the following: from 
your Inbox, go to the views menu and select Columns.

You will have a list of items such as from, sender, received, attachment, 
subject, priority, etc.

Now, in my version of JFW, it doesn't tell me if these items are checked or 
not.  But, the way you can tell is that if an item is checked, when you tab 
through you will see a hide button.  This means the item will be displayed 
unless you activate the Hide Button.  Conversely, if an item is not checked, 
when you tab through you'll see the show button.  So, go through the list of 
items and display only those which you want to view in your inbox display of 

If you highlight an item, you can tab and see a few different options.  These 
options will vary slightly as follows:

(1)  The top item in the list will only have a "mode down" button.  This is 
because it is already at the top.  The bottom item will only have a move=up 
button; the others will have both.  You can move an item up or down to change 
the order in which OE displays the field in the inbox.  For example, I have 
attachment listed at the top, then from, then subject.

Now, after you have selected which fields you want to display and set their 
order, you can tab over to the pixels field and set the width of each item.  I 
generally set the attachment indicator at 50 pixels, the from item at 200, and 
the subject at around 600 pixels.  There is only a certain width available, so 
the more items you've elected to display, the more total pixel area will be 

Hope this helps,

Lansing, MI 

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