RE: JAWS not working with Word properly

  • From: "Chris Feist" <ccfeist@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 13:57:59 -0600

Hi. So did I to some degree. After trying all of the usual suggestions,
it was recommended for me to upgrade to JFW 6.2 which I did. It solved
the problem for me.

Before that, I tried changing settings in Word, such as trying the zoom
at both 100% and 75 %.  I made sure that the view was set at normal. I
turned off Words' screen tips and animations as well. I made sure to
maximize the screen. Also, I made sure the Office Assistant was disabled
which if I recall is located under the Help menu. All those things
failed but might work for you.


Chris Feist - The one and only!

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Hi all,
I just installed JAWS 5.0 in my new laptop, and strangely enough, I am
having problems withhh MS Word 2003. It does not read the text at all
when I arrow up, down, left, or right, except when in""say all". Someone
suggested me to uncheck Office Plug in of Norton Antivirus, which I did,
but again the problem has not been solved at all.
I must stress that in my previous computer, which by the way has been
stolen, I also used JAWS 5.0 with Word 2003, and it worked perfectly
I am urgently looking for a solution, as this is frustrating!

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