Re: JAWS crashing in windows vista

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  • Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 13:24:33 +0200

Hi Brian,

there is a folder in jAWS called "dump", where helpful debug information is 
stored regarding all JFW-related crashes.
It is usually found in something like \username\documents and 
settings\application data\freedom scientific\JAWS\xxx\settings.
Inside this folder, there are .dmp files, which might help FS diagnose the 
  I don't think that the Windows error reporting will help here.

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  The only viable option would be using Microsoft Narrator to read the screen. 
Or, if you have Window-Eyes, you can use that. For me, I have a backup Korean 
screen reader that I use when JAWS crashes.




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  Hi Joseph,


  Thanks for the message. I just unloaded and reloaded JAWS because it was 
having trouble reading the window I was in, and when JAWS came back up I saw 
that Microsoft windows dialog. I looked at it more closely than I usually do, 
and the only button I see is a close program button. I've never seen a send 
error report button when anything has crashed in vista, be it Internet Explorer 
or JAWS or whatever. Haven't tried logging off and then back on yet, though.


  I don't see any kind of error code anywhere in that dialog that comes up, so 
I don't know if virtualizing the window and copying what's on the screen to a 
file would help. Is there a keystroke I can do within that dialog that might 
grab some info that might help FS figure out what's going on?




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