JAWS and yousendit

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  • Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 06:07:05 +0800

sendspace allow upload up to 300mb. you can upload a file in 300mb or 5 files 
total of 300mb in size.

Allan Wong
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Subject: RE: JAWS and yousendit

I have no problem with you send it either but I am wonder on send  space
how big files can you send it on it 

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for me, i got no problem with YouSentIt, but, i may personally prefer
SendSpace. it much more accessible for jaws and more important 
is, we can read the percentage bar.

Allan Wong
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From: "Patricia" <bcsarah.fan@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: JAWS and yousendit


I was wondering if anyone is having a problem with JAWS and yousendit. when
I go to send a file and click on the browse button, JAWS consistantly quits.
the cursor of my braille display stays firmly planted on the browse button
and flashes mocking me, because an insert-f4 doesn't even shut JAWS down.
so, as many of you may have guest, by this point I have to ask for sighted
assistance. when they close JAWS it doesn't close, until a number of windows
that I have open in addition to JAWS have been closed as well. then I try to
send for a second time and I works fine. is this a JAWS issue or an IE
issue? to me it seems like a JAWS issue, but I'm sure and apologize if it
isn't, but I'm hoping it is and someone knows how to solve it because it's
mighty annoying. nothing else is frozen, just JAWS. 
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