Re: JAWS and multiple sound cards

  • From: "Jerry Richer" <jerry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 06:24:55 -0400


! Press windows-r for the Run dialogue
! Type "control"
! Press "enter" for the "Control Panel"
! Type "sounds" to get to the "Sounds and Audio Devices" choice
! Press "enter"
! Get on the "Audio" tab probably by pressing "shft-tab" twice, you may
already be there

     There are three lists labeled "Sound playback",
"Sound recording" and "MIDI music playback".  Pick the Sound Card that you
want JAWS to speak through in the "Sound playback" list.
     Freedom Scientific would have you go through this file editing
business.  I don't know why.
     Now to get other applications playing through other Sound Cards go into
those individual applications and look for some option to let you choose
what device you would like to use.
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