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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 10:44:12 -0600

To ignore flash on web pages, go to configuration manager, then html options, 
then miscellaneous page and tab to the checkbox to ignore flash. Tab to OK then 

This setting may explain the different behavior of the two computers.
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Hi all: 

as I have come to work with two different versions of JAWS and two different 
versions of IE on a daily basis, I've noticed that JAWS 6.2 and IE 6 behave 
much bettter when it comes to flash on pages. it seems that when you're 
navigating through a page with IE 6 and JAWS 6.2 that it let's you go passed 
the flash with no problem. however, when in IE 7 and JAWS 8 every time you 
encounter a page with flash and you try to go past it JAWS brings you back to 
the top of the page. a perfect example of this would be on the livejournal 
website, sometimes people make voice posts, so there is a 
flash bit before the actual link to the voice post. does anyone know a way to 
make JAWS 8 and IE 7go passed the flash without bringing you constantly back to 
the top of the page? 


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