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  • Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2011 14:43:05 -0600

Here are some notes from Debbie Scales from my archives. I think they still apply.

Once you have signed in, you need to set up Messenger for best performance
with Jaws.
First, you need to change the way that MSN Messenger sorts contacts,
and then you need to make some changes to the appearance of the
conversation window.  To change how MSN sorts contacts:

1.  When in the main MSN window, hit alt t for tools, and then c.
This will open the sort contacts by sub menu.
2.  Arrow down to online/offline and press enter.

The first time you have a conversation with someone, to remove the tool bar
and side bar from the conversation windows,
and disable emoticons:

1.  Open any conversation window.
2.  Press alt v, and arrow down until it says enable emoticons.
If it says checked, press enter to uncheck it.
3.  Re-enter the view menu, and arrow down until you see show toolbar.
Press enter if it is checked.
4.  Re-enter the view menu and arrow down until it says show sidebar.
Press enter if it is checked.

You should only have to do this once, but there is a slight possibility
that you will have to do it twice.  After that, the settings should
remain as you set them.

Next here is a quick overview of the changes you might need to make in the
options.  Press alt T for tools, O for options.
On the personal page, you can type in a screen name as you want other users
to see it.  Also tab to show graphical emoticons and uncheck it.
Control tab to the preferences page and if you don't want MSN to start
automatically with Windows, uncheck the box for run this program when
windows starts. (Note, also if you use OE, go to your tools menu in OE and then options
and tab to automatically log onto Windows messenger and uncheck it.)
On the preferences page leave the alert checkboxes checked as they are for sound
Enter on okay to close the dialog.

Now that you have MSN set up, to add a contact, press alt T for tools, and
enter on add a contact.
Leave the radio button selected for by email address and enter on next and
enter the person's MSN contact address.

To send a message to a contact, you can hit enter on the contacts name in
the  main messenger window.
You can save your conversation by going to the files menu with alt f, then
press A, then a standard save dialog appears.  The conversations
will be saved as a text file.  To leave a conversation hit escape.
To start a voice chat with a contact, press the windows application key
while focused on the contact name and choose start a voice conversation from
the context menu.
I recommend you go to the tools menu and run the audio tuning wizard first
before you try to voice chat with someone.
You can also start a voice chat from a conversation window by pressing alt A
for the actions menu and enter on start talking.  Once they accept your
invitation to voice chat you can just start speaking into your microphone.
To send a file, press the windows application key while focused on the
contact name and enter on send a file from the context menu.
You can also send a file from a conversation window by pressing alt A for
the actions menu and enter on send a file.
A standard open dialog will come up for you to locate your file.
As well, if someone sends you a file, it will be placed in
c:\my documents\messenger service received files or c:\my documents\my
received files.
You can block or unblock a sender by focusing on the contact name and then
pressing the application key and arrow down to block or unblock.  If you
want to find out who a contact might be, hit alt enter on their name and use
the JAWS cursor to read their email address.
To change your status, tab to where it says my status and your name in the
main messenger window and press the application key and enter on the status
you wish to be seen by others.

If you use Jaws 4.50, it will already come with some excellent scripts that
will automatically read incoming messages to you, alert you when contacts
come online and notify you of who is sending you a message.
The messages will be placed on the task bar and you can alt tab to the
conversation when you are notified that someone has
sent you a message.

If you aren't using Jaws 4.5, you have several options.
You can download a free set of scripts that will read incoming messages to
you from the programs page at JFWLite.
You can use the talking messenger program that is on JFWLite to have the
incoming messages read to you automatically.
You can purchase the scripts that come with Jaws 4.5 at this site:
If you choose to use Messenger without any scripts or taking messenger, when
in a conversation, you can check the status line with insert 3 and it
will says who is typing a message or last message received on the date and
time.  Then shift tab and up arrow to read the message they sent.  Then when
you are ready to send a message back, tab back to the typing window and type
and send your next message.  Or just starting to type will throw you back in
the typing window.  As with the scripts, when someone sends you a message,
the messages will be placed on the task bar and you can alt tab to the
conversation when you are notified that someone has sent you a message.

 At 01:17 PM 1/5/2011, you wrote:

I am needing to use Windows Live Messenger very soon. I?ve loaded it on to my Vista machine with JAWS 10. I know?I know, I need to upgrade, and will do that in a while. Anyway, when trying to use it with someone, I couldn?t get JAWS to read the messages that I was typing or the messages that my friend was typing to me.

I used to use it on a Netbook computer with Windows XP and JAWS 10, but something?s different here.

Do I need specific scripts or certain commands to use it? It?s kind of necessary.

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