Re: JAWS Version 9.0.2178

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  • Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 19:49:00 -0600

I am wrong. That was mention in relation to the FS Reader daisy books, that 
they would be offering them through the update menu. That's a bit of a relief 
to me because I've always thought the FS Reader books too much trouble.
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  They mentioned in the FSCast that they would run out an update. I can't 
recall exactly what that was about, perhaps the "what's new" item in the Jaws 
menu pointing to the new things in version 10.
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    I honestly do not know, I was using my main computer with XP this morning 
and it said there was an update, however, this afternoon I was going to snag it 
on the Vista machine and none is available.  Quirk!  Glitch, I know the XP 
machine was up to date last Friday.  

    Rose Combs

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    Is this another one of those updates that they mistakenly posted?  It sure 
wasn't there very long.


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