Re: JAWS Sounding Like It's in a Fishbowl

  • From: "Margaret Thomas" <iluvtoread@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 17:09:44 -0400


    I think it sounds more muffled than like an echo.  It reminds me a
bit of someone who has a cold.

    I'm sorry, but I have no idea where to go to check the settings
you suggested looking at.  Could you be more specific please?  This is
Windows 98 se.


"Sean McMahon" wrote:

Like an echo or does it sound like it's muffled.  I'd check your mixer
uncheck anything that sets spacial to wide or full and uncheck any
reverb. Sean
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From: "Margaret Thomas" <iluvtoread@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: JAWS Sounding Like It's in a Fishbowl

> Hi All,
>     Late last night JAWS started sounding like it's in a fishbowl.
> I'm not referring to stuttering, but more of a nasal quality that it
> hasn't had before.
>     I had the computer on for hours when I noticed it and initially
> chalked it up to that, however I  heard the same thing as soon as I
> booted up this morning.
>     JAWS 4.0, 4.51.131 and 5.00.809 are doing the same thing.
>     I've tried different earphones, have changed the bass and treble
> knob on my speakers, checked my pitch settings.  JAWS doesn't sound
> quite right without the earphones either.  I use the GW Micro
> DECtalk Access 32 and Paul is still there.  Eloquence does not seem
> have the problem, but I hate it and wouldn't want to swear to the
> that it sounds normal.  The fishbowl effect is in both OE and Word,
> it isn't application specific.
>     I just checked and allow software synth with wav files is
> I've tried changing the reset frequency and that doesn't help.
>     I'm running Windows 98 se.
>     I've had a cold so my ears could be stuffed up, but I'm familiar
> with the voice of the narrator of the audio book I'm listening to
> he sounds okay.
>     Sometimes when I type there may be a change in the consistency
> the pitch and the keyboard is four and a half years old so it could
> going on me, but I'm hoping someone can think of something I've
> forgotten to check that would solve this annoying problem.
>     Thanks,
> Margaret
> iluvtoread@xxxxxxx

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