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  • Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 10:11:03 -0500

Thanks for all the suggestions.  We'll see about purchasing the JAWS remote
access license.


Tom Hesley




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Yes, you need to purchase the JAWS Remote Access Licence which is an add on.
I think it is around one hundred and fifty pounds.


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Subject: JAWS Over Remote Desktop


My girlfriend has a PC running JAWS 10 on Windows XP Pro.  She is visiting
me for the holidays and she would like to access her email and other
programs while she's away.  However, we were surprised to learn that we
cannot run JAWS on her computer when we establish a remote desktop session
from my PC here in Altoona.  We can establish the remote session without
problems.  But when we run JAWS on her desktop, we get a message that says:
This application is not authorized to run in a terminal services session.


Why not?  Is there an upgrade we can purchase to acquire this ability?  I'm
not sure that Tandem would be useful in this circumstance, since there is no
one at her computer.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Tom Hesley





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