Re: JAWS 7.0 and Epson scanner

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hello Jeanette!

I agree on what Allan's said.  I'm using HP Printer and it has an OCR and it 
work very well using Jaws 7.0.


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  The person at Freedom Scientific who told you that you could only use 
  Omnipage or OpenBook with JFW 7.0 was dead wrong!

  As I wrote in my previous message, I am using Abbyy Fine Reader Pro with JFW 
  7.0, with no problem, and I am certain that there are many members of this 
  list who are using other OCR programs with JFW 7.0 with no problem.

  As for your question about the most inexpensive OCR software, this depends 
  on your expectations of how well you expect the OCR software  to perform. 
  Rememver: you get what you pay for. There are freeware OCR programs 
  available, but they may not be as accurate in converting scanned text, and 
  they may not be as user-friendly as OCR programs you have to pay for. $150 
  is not too much for an OCR program; some OCR programs sell for as much as 

  If you can find a good OCR program for less than $150, and it supports your 
  model of scanner, I say go for it.


  Jeanette wrote:
  Thank you for responding. When I called Freedom Scientific they said that 
  the only OCR software I could use for Jaws was Omnipage or OpenBook. Were 
  wrong? I'm trying to find the cheapest OCR software I could use. Do you know 
  of any. Omnipage is $150. Is there OCR software for less?
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    In order to convert scanned text into readable text, you will need to get 
    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) program, such as Abbyy Fine Reader,
    OpenBook, Kurzweil 1000, etc.

    I have an Epson scanner (a different model from yours) and I use Abbyy 
    Reader Pro to scan books. It is fast and quite accurate, and works just 
    with JAWS 7.0.

    Just make sure that whatever OCR software you are thinking about getting 
    support for your model of scanner. An email or phone call to the company 

    Jeanette wrote:
    How can I read and scan pages with ebson cx3810v with JFW7.
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