RE: JAWS 7.0, Skype, and Parrot Earphones?

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Hello!  If you want the scripts for Skype, please send me your e mail
address so I can send you off the list.


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Good Morning JFW Users!

I have a question regarding jaws 7.0, Parrot Earphones (which come in IBM
Via Voice software) and Skype.  I have read on the list serve that Skype
does not need scripts with JAWS 7.0?  I am having a lot of difficulty using
the program, but I have yet to download any scripts?  Would someone please
send me a link to the JAWS Lite homepage so I can download the scripts for

secondly, I tried to use my pair of Parrot  earphones and speaker which came
in my IBM Via Voice program, but my wife informed me there were two
different plugs for that particular type of earphones?  Can anyone instruct
me or better yet, my wife on where to plug these two plugs in?  I never used
the program Via Voice because it was not JAWS friendly; that is why I do not
know how to install these earphones?

If this is not in line with what the JFW List Serve would like to see
posted, I apologize, and request all responses be sent to me off the list.
Send any feedback to betoescobar3@xxxxxxxxxxx

Beto Escobar III, LMSW

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