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Love that signature line, man.  Anyway,  the laptop keyboard layout for Jaws is 
really easy to se.  The insert key is the caps lock.  Treat the keyes on which 
your right hand rests as your numpad for jaws commands with j, k, and l, 
corresponding to 1, 2, and 3 to orient yourself.  You can also use caps key+1 
on the top row to turn on the keyboard help mode and just mess around with key 
combinations till you get the hang of things.


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  Hi All:  I have been using JAWS since 2.0 but always on a Desk Top PC with 
Microsoft operating systems.
  I'm contemplating adding a laptop and just reviewed the Freedom Scientific 
site for guidance without success.  Perhaps I missed some obvious resources at 
the site but mostly I went around in circles.  As an aside, they hide their 
pricing as good as anybody it seems.  <G>

  On point, how difficult is the learning curve from PC to Laptop within 
Windows based machines?
  Also, does anyone operate both a Desk Top Windows PC and a Mac laptop?
  If the best idea would be to stay with a Windows laptop, do I shop Cosco and 
the like, Dell or what?
  My needs do not stray much from using the Internet, e mail and basic word 
  Thanks for any help and, if this subject   can possibly be off topic, you can 
send reply's direct to:


  Thanks again, Mitch

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