JAWS 10 Update issues

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I?m noticing that Google reader in Firefox 3.0 is still pretty much
impossible to navigate with Jaws. In fact, It almost seems to be worse with
this second beta than the first. In IE7 it works perfectly fine with Jaws 10
and version 9.


I?m glad to see the clickable link in Firefox 3.0 to be resolved. In fact, I
even used the example of the minor league baseball site on their updated
information to explain the problem. Pretty cool.


The problem of being able to jump to different heading levels from the top
of certain web pages still doesn?t appear to be addressed. I?m still having
trouble getting from edit field to edit field on certain pages like in
IGoogle when using the quick navigation keys. I have to refresh the page in
order for Jaws to recognize the edit field. Otherwise, after pressing e or
f, Jaws will go right past the area where the edit field is supposed to be
if I arrow down.


Backspacing from withint certain edit fields still gives me a blank feedback
as opposed to the characters I?m trying to delete. In fact, this happens
every single time from within the Jaws beta report form where you type in
the steps to reproduce the problem. On the other edit fields of that report
page, backspacing does give me the proper deletion feedback. 


Over all, the stability with pages that have a lot of form fields like
travel sites for booking and so on seems to be a lot better. Although, I?m
noticing in Firefox, the number of radio buttons (the total number of radio
buttons and the radio button I?m on at that moment isn?t spoken). A good
example of this is the Lufthansa airlines website when selecting a flight
time. I can?t seem to be able to get that information spoken like in IE.


Jaws still reads 1 unread message when on the Inbox folder in Outlook 2003
even though there are no unread messages.


I?m still trying to play with the ITunes store and am finding a little
trouble here and there, but I?m sure too that?s just my unfamiliarity with
it and this new beta release. One thing I am coming across though and is
quite annoying, when I get into the results list whether it be for a song
search, podcast search etc is after having arrowed up or down for a few
selections, every time I arrow in a continuous direction, jaws reads not
selected and I have to arrow backwards and then arrow back towards my
original direction and repeat this process every single time. This was also
present in the previous beta release and Jaws 9 for me. I don?t know if
anyone else has come across this particular problem.


Anyway, those are my initial observations.










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Could both you and Donna contact  Eric Damery at
edamery@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? He would like to tandem with both of you to
see what's going on


Give him your contact details off list please.



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That's interesting. Is there anyone else having these issues with Outlook




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