Re: Itunes Being a Pain!!!

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If you're using JAWS 10 or 11, are you set to auto forms mode? If so, you don't 
need to hit the enter key on a form field to initiate forms mode. You may be 
inadvertently turning off forms mode if you press enter on a form field.


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  That's what I mean, but it's not doing that.  


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  Harmony, when you first go into a form, you need to hit enter on your first 
form field. When you do this, the speech should say, "forms mode on". From this 
point on, you should be able to tab to the field you want, and type in the 
information you wish, and the information you typed will go into that field.

  Hope this helps.


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    I'm just trying to register with itunes so I can get things for the ap 
store for my aiphone, but I can't seem to be able to type in the boxes where 
I'm meant to without a lot of difficulty.  Also I can't at all select the 
expiry date when I fill in my card details.  Does anyone have any ideas how to 
fix this?  

    I am using the latest version of itunes with jaws 11 and windows 7 on my 

    Thank you,


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