RE: Inaccessible AVG update message

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  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 15:34:55 -0500

I'm a tad confused.  If you have the URL (, just
navigate to the download.  Your only problem will be a download that
slower than molasses in January, especially on dial up (I mean this
thing is pitifully slow).  Once you get it downloaded, if you're still
young enough, the installation should go flawlessly.

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        I get the same thing, I have a little sight and I don't see
anything on the screen telling me how to install it, I tried using my
jaws cerser, but you know how that is, thats about as useful as tits on
a bull, it doesn't read any better than the pc cerser, what you could do
is when Feb 18 comes around, which is the date that i get, just clean it
out of your computer, uninstall it by going to your control panel.  It
is anoying, I get it when I restart or reboot my computer, but I leave
mine on all the time, the other versions of avg do works, because i hear
them while music is playing.  Dave
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                AVG is telling you your version is about to expire.
Downloading and installing 7.5 will fix this.

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                        Subject: Inaccessible AVG update message
                        Hello listers,

                        Once a week, I am getting a message after I boot
up that JAWS can't read. The only thing JAWS is able to read is the
window header, which says something about a deadline approaching. A
sighted person was able to read the message contents, and told me it was
about support for AVG ending on a particular date, and that I needed to
upgrade to AVG 7.5. I think the date was supposed to be January 15. That
date has come and gone, yet I am still getting weekly virus definition
updates, and that message about my older version of AVG expiring is
still popping up once each week.

                        If I download the free version of AVG 7.5 and
install it, will it use my earlier configuration settings for AVG?




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