Re: Imbeding audio in an email?

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Imbeding audio in an email?But, only can add wave file isn't?

From: Brian Tipka 
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Subject: Re: Imbeding audio in an email?

Adding Music or Sounds to E-Mails
1. Press control + the letter "N" to start a new message
2. Press Alt + the letter "O" for formats
3. Press the letter "B" for back ground
4. Press the letter "S" for sounds
5. Tab down to browse
6. Press the space bar
7. Tab down to "Look in" there you will find all the places you have sounds or 
music in
8. Arrow up or down to the location you want to get your sound from
9. When you've found the folder you want Press enter
10. Keep doing steps 7,8 and 9 until you enter on the file you have all your 
choices in, for that particular folder that you want to pick your sound from
11. Then tab down to "List"
12. Arrow up or down until you find the desired sound you want
13 Press Enter
14. Tab down to how many times you want it repeated
15. At this point arrow up to the number of times you want it repeated. At this 
time don't press any keys.
16. Tab down to OK
17. Press the space bar
18. You can now send your E-Mail as normal by choosing your recipient or CC 
recipients and so forth. Every time you start a new message you have to redo
what ever sound you want to use as it cancels out when you send your message.

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  Can somebody tell me how to imbed an audio in an email message? 

  And, while I'm at it, what about extracting an audio? 

  Thanks much 

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