Re: I need some scripting help

  • From: Jim Bauer <holdsworthfan@xxxxxx>
  • To: jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 22:06:10 -0600

To which of the famous file sharing programs is this one similar or based=

Cheers, Jim
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Original message
from: "Allison Mervis" <allisonfm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
subject: I need some scripting help
date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 22:33:42 -0500

>Hi all!
>I am a very beginner level scripter. I am attempting to write some =
scripts for the file sharing client Ares. Unfortunately I don't know =
where to begin. I could feasibly create shortcut keys which will help me =
to reach the various windows within the program. The only problem is that=
 I cannot be placed within the exact field I want because the focus moves=
 around the screen unpredictably. Some other problems include being =
unable to design a list view like atmosphere for search results and =
transfers. I also can't always access such options as search for audio =
and video. If anyone wants to look at the problem or offer me any help, =
please email me either on or off list Any help would be greatly =

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