Re: How does one kill Jaws?

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MessageHi Jim,

I am having a problem where I do a INS F4 to unload JAWS because its gotten 
upset usually after a day or two of running.  Then the system gets ticked off.  
I do the run thing and no JAWS.  I do a  Windows Key U to get narrator  up then 
save everything and reboot since   JAWS simply refuses to reload for me.

Thats why I was asking about killing JAWS so I could reload it, not sure if 
this is  the other guys problem or not.



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  hi no need to create a hot key when jaws crashes just hit windows r 
  then type jaws 7.
  press enter this will restart jaws.
  or you can go to your jaws program group and right click on the jaws shortcut.
  in this context menu select properties.
  in this dialog tab over to short cut key.
  press the letter j and press enter.
  now your short cut for this will be control alt j.

  jim grimsby
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    Hiya list,

    Awhile ago someone wrote in that he has created an icon on desktop with a 
hotkey command to use when Jaws crashes and I wrote asking what steps do I need 
to do to create this hotkey and command. Since I've installed Jaws 7 I get on 
average a crash every 2 to 3 days and am stuck if I have important stuff loaded 
up that I cant hear anymore to save as the only way to get Jaws back from there 
is too reboot hence loosing what info I have loaded.

    Please can anyone help me to create this kill Jaws hotkey?


    Jim from Oz

    P.S bring on the update for Jaws 7 hopefully we get it soon:)


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