RE: How do I load scripts?

  • From: "Ray Campbell" <ray.campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 12:01:25 -0600

Hi Linda:

I recognize your name from ACB circles.  Let me give you instructions
for installing scripts, if you want me to talk you through this, I can.

1.  Download the scripts you want to implement to some place on your
computer, say "my documents."
2.  Locate the file you just downloaded in step 1 which is probably a
zip file.  When you find it, hold down the ctrl key and press "x".
3.  Go to the start menu, arrow down or press "p" to get to all programs
sub menu, press "j" for the JAWS sub menu, press "e" for Explore JAWS
sub menu, then arrow down to "explore my settings" and press enter.
4.  Hold down the ctrl key and press"v" to paste the script file you
5.  Press enter on the script file you just pasted, which again, is
probably a zip file.
6.  Hold down the alt key and press "f" for the file menu, then press
"a" for extract all.  A wizzard will come up, press enter on the next
7.  You'll be asked where you want to extract the files to.  Locate the
edit box where this long path will be.  Press the end key, then press
backspace until you hear JAWS say "backslash."
8.  Press enter, and the script files will be extracted.  A box will
come up asking if you want to see the extracted files, press space bar
to uncheck it, then press tab to get to the finish button and press
9.  Press backspace to get back into the JAWS settings folder.
10.  Hold down the JAWS key (num pad insert key) and press the 0 key.
The script manager will come up.
11.  Hold down the ctrl key and press "o."  A list of files will come
up.  Locate the first ".jss" file and press enter.
12.  Press ctrl-s and a message will come up telling you the script has
been compiled.
13.  Repeat steps 11 and 12 until all of the ".jss" files have been
compiled.  When the last one is done, press alt-f4.
14.  Press alt-f4 again to get out of the JAWS settings folder.

The scripts should now work for you.  Yes, there is probably a quicker,
easier way to do this, but I don't know it right now.

Ray Campbell, Help Desk Technician
Adaptive Technology Center
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312-997-3651 (Voice/Relay) or
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