Re: Help with regard to jaws for My friend

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 06:23:37 -0800

you could try doing a repair of jaws, start, programs, jaws , tools? 
instalation maintenence, and repair jaws.
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  Subject: Help with regard to jaws for My friend

  Hi list,
  My friend has requested some help with regard to jaws from the list. She 
directly cannot approach as she always does nothave  access to computer and 
internet. I'm pasting the message that she has for the list with the hopes of 
geting some help you can send your responses to either fayazjpasha@xxxxxxxxx or 
directly to her on parimalashinde@xxxxxxxxxx

  With warm regards,


  Hay JFW!
   I hear by intend to draw your attention to a peculiar problem posed by JAWS: 
version 6.1
   But before doing so, I'd like to give a brief introduction of myself.
   I am Parimala. N. I am a citizen of India; I reside in Bangalore, one of the 
fastest growing cities in the world. I am a postgraduate in Economics; I work
  for IBM in the BTO/HR team, as an HR coordinator.
   Let me now come back to the core of the main issue that I have hear. I use 
JAWS version 6.1, with windows XP professional, version 2002. I have observed
  JAWS behaving in a strange fashion. I mean to say that, ones you open an 
application say like JAWS itself, and press alt, JAWS should normally read out
  the submenu items as you use your up or down arrow. Or, read the next menu 
item as you use your right or left arrow. But I don't hear JAWS doing the same.
   I am now left with the obtion of using the JAWS curser to perform the 
required from the menu's. That is, I press alt and a particular menu, and use 
  function of a submenu through root JAWS to PC, and click the left mouse 
button. But this is taking too long! I can't afford to be this slow at all! So
  please help me get quicker!
   An other issue is that, ones I open the MS word and perform certain 
operations, say like pasting any item from the clipboard, or any other action 
for that
  matter, and then use alt+ tab key to switch between different applications, 
JAWS should normally announce the title of the current application which is
  on focus. But, JAWS terribly fails hear too!
   Also take a look at this issue! It is really interesting! JAWS behave 
perfectly in all other kinds of dialogue boxes; it chooses to behave in a little
  different manner in the spell check dialogue box of the MS word. I mean to 
say that, as I press tab to have a lo ok at the suggestion list, it doesn't read
  the spelling suggestions at all.
   The problems mentioned above occurred, and re occurred right from the 
beginning. That is, right from the time of installation of JAWS. I have tried my
  hand in checking the JAWS verbosity, repairing JAWS, modifying JAWS, and last 
but not least, re installing JAWS, but nothing seems to work at all.
   Any help, guidance, suggestion, or advice to resolve this issue will be hole 
heartedly appreciated!
   Looking for your immediate response
   Thanks and regards

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