Help from any users of win braille

  • From: "Kirsten Edmondson" <kirsten.edmondson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tafn-tec@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <jfw@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 17:08:30 +0100

Hi, and I'm sorry if these are not the best lists to email with this
message, but I can't find anything specific to email. 
I had Duxbury with an Index Basic D embosser since 2003. However, I am now
on Windows 7 and ms2007 and to upgrade to Duxbury was going to cost me a
couple of hundred-with no guarantees that it would work. I found that Index
were doing Win Braille for free. In the past it has always has been the
lowly program of the Braille translation world. But on downloading it and
trying it, the formatting and quality is amazing. 
My problem is that if I change any of the default settings, the embosser
refuses to emboss, simply just churning out a couple of blank pages. 
But it won't accept my paper size - which is 12x12in and it only has
11x12in. This means that although it produces the first page ok, when it
does the other side, the first bit of the line is off the page - and it
doesn't seem to take account of the fact that this is tractor fed paper and
so brailles across the holes too. 
When I press SS on the embosser it makes no difference and when I try and
change the paper size, or set it to print only single-sided (which would
waste a lot of paper, but might be better in this instance) it just goes
back to refusing to Braille. I have tried to go into the templates and
create a new one and specify how many lines/characters I want in the lines
and pages, but it is a "read only" edit box so won't let me change it. 
The manual is useless and doesn't help. 
Has anyone had any experience with this, or have any other suggestions? It's
Win Braille 5. 
Also, if you know of an index e-list, please point me to it. 
Kirsten - frustrated! 

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