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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 14:30:39 -0600

MessageRoden did you get from freedom or did you write it yourself?

I am curious about it too.
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  Are you looking for a script for clicking the help balloon?  may I know your 
JAWS version and Windows version?

  I have a script for clicking the Windows Help Balloon.

  Hope This Helps


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    Dear cheryll 

    Thank you for contacting Freedom Scientific technical Support.  
Unfortunately, there is currently no way to access these balloons with JAWS. if 
you would like to see this considered for future releases of JAWS, you can send 
an email to our product managers at:


      Be sure to include all previous correspondence pertaining to this matter 
when replying to this message so that we might better
    assist you. 

    Tracey Jackson,
    Technical Support Specialist
    Freedom Scientific

    Phone support: 727 803 8600, option #2
    E-mail Support: support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
    Visit our website at:


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    If you could find it.  Then again, if you could find it, you could click 
it; and if a frog had wings, . . . you know the rest.



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      Not that is solves the help balloon issue, but can you virtualized the 
window and capture it for reading?



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