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I think you have to hold down a key when your computer is starting up to boot 
up in safe mode.  Safe mode is a state whereby Windows only uses programs that 
are essential to getting your computer up and running, which means your screen 
reader will not be started, hence their is no speech.
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Thanks. I've been to the Somantec website and read a lot. As far as running in 
Safe mode, any suggestions how to do that? I don't seem to have a setting that 
does that automatically.

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Hi Vicki,
A good computer friend of mine wrote me the following suggestion:
Here is the Symantec website on that specific virus: 

I would also suggest running any spyware/virus software with Windows 
booted into Safe Mode that way it only starts what Windows needs to run.
Hope this helps.
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I have recently been infected with HAXDOOR on both my desktop and laptop 
computers. I use XOFT SPY
to remove the nasty thing, but it seems to come back, even though it says 
it's completely removed. When I reboot my computer, JAWS says it needs to 
make changes to my system, and it won't run until I reboot. Once rebooted, I 
usually have to manually begin running it. I also do a regscrub, clean all 
the cookies, temp files and temporary internet files. I empty the recycle 
bin, run Norton and NOD32. I can't get rid of HAXDOOR, and it seems to love 
playing tricks with my JAWS.  Has anyone had any success in completely 
removing this infection, and if so, what tools did you use? My next option 
is to completely reinstall Windows on both computers. BTW, does anyone have 
any info on how this is spread? I use an encrypted router, although it is a 
B wireless router, and I have the Windows Firewall running most of the time. 


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