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  • From: "Amar Jain" <amarjain@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 12:15:26 +0530

Hi Dave,
Now I completely understood your point...
I am using J12, and I could access the menues using jaws curser.
Will try the things, and will trouble you once more if required.
Thanks a lot for nice suggestion.
Amar Jain.
RE: Re:Google docs and Spreadsheets


From: "Marquette, Ed" <Ed.Marquette@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 22:00:18 -0500
Subject: RE: Re:Google docs and Spreadsheets

You are mostly guessing. Just to be certain, I checked with Freedom Scientific 
support by phone today. I was told that Google Docs is not accessible, with 
either JAWS 11 or JAWS 12.
That is the same report I received from the other major screen reader makers 
and the same report I received from "support" at Freedom Scientific's email 
help system. .
The Google Docs help system, which has a section specifically addressed to 
screen reader users, appears to be a complete fraud.
If you use the JAWS cursor, you can get the mouse up to the file menu. Warning, 
this is not Explorer's menu or FireFox's menu. It is the Google Docs menu. It 
appears below the browser's menu.
If you double click on file, a drop down menu will appear. By playing around, 
you may be able to find an export choice. I think it works sometimes. I 
couldn't get it to work tonight.
I'm told that you can export to a file which can be read and edited by Excel.
I noted that, on the same File menu, there was an import option, which I am 
told permits one to import Excel documents.
I think I would rather try to catch butterflies with a pair of tweezers than 
edit something with Google Docs.

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Subject: Re:Google docs and Spreadsheets

Hi Dave,
Well my previous mail did not hit to the list.
Asking basic questions here, as my basics are not clear with google docs:
When my company gives me a link which has excel sheet, and I am required to 
fill in the data, now going by your suggestion I will first export that.
So, how do I go about exporting the sheet.
Second, once exported and data filled using excel, how do I re-upload the same 
sheet in a way that the same link which I got can be used to access the changed 
Is the second thing mentioned above really possible?
Because otherwise giving the fresh link will be troublesome.
Any ideas are welcomed.
Amar Jain.

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