RE: Good accessible OCR program?

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 Interesting topic, any software that has to work with jaws, in the end I
think maybe if you get good support from maker  and warranty you can
understand perhaps. I have so far not understood the warranty any American
product gives ,the law seems to be different in Usa,and from state to state?
I know in England,the goods you buy,   must be "fit for purpose,that means
in England 6 years,in Scotland 5 years,yes Scottish law is different to
English, , but the warranty  cannot override your rights under the  sga,
act, Sale of goods act ,would that details on software could be simplified,I
once sent the terms of one item to a friend overseas who studied company law
and   I will not say what he said!

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We're running Omni page Pro 17 and Kurzweil 1000 here.  The K1000 has the
Scan soft and Fine reader OCR engines as options.  I've run open book in the
past.  K1000 and Open book offer the easier to use interfaces, but I think
the Omni page offers, generally, superior OCR.  Having said that, I prefer
to use K1000 for daily OCR. 


Richard P. Kelly



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Hi all,
I was just wondering what OCR software you are using. I have been using
ABBYY Finereader version 10 and Omnipage before that.
What programs do you use or how is Omnipage these days?
Many thanks,

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